Giving individuals a chance to achieve their dreams of obtaining and maintaining steady employment as well as acquire and maintain healthy life skills that would enable them to become and remain a productive member of the community. 


Any questions, please contact Janie Clements Industries at 325-643-3526

Janie Clements Industries (JCI) was founded in 1972 as a Vocational Training Center for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. One of the organization’s founders was Janie Clements, an advocate in the community, and the namesake for JCI.

Adult Day Habilitation Program

The JCI Day Habilitation services are designed to provide individualized assistance to persons who wish to acquire and maintain healthy life skills that would enable them to become and remain a productive member of the community. JCI also offers a variety of social and recreational activities, including arts and crafts, and interactive movement with music, used to improve coordination and motor skills. These activities also provide socialization and entertainment exercises. Based on individual needs, participants learn basic skills and developmental training during our daily activities. We motivate these values of caring and respect together and we guide individuals with disabilities to achieve and enjoy their highest quality of life and personal growth. We also endorse these fundamental values; caring, respect, dignity, integrity, safety, and wellness.

JCI Day Habilitations Programs are offered Monday through Friday 8am—3pm each day. Day Habilitation is provided to various entities in our communities.

Services offered at the following locations:

Saul Pullman Workshop, Eastland – 325-203-3576

Brady Workshop – 325-642-8017

Coleman Workshop – 325-625-3329

Bill Doggett Workshop, Comanche – 325-356-3719

San Saba Workshop – 325-205-2870

Janie Clements Industries- Brownwood- 325-643-3526

Vocational Services

JCI provides an array of individualized supports that enable people to choose. Services are designed to asses interest, develop skills and abilities, and encourage participation in the community. People are supported at a site-based vocational training program where they have to opportunity to earn money; as well as learn job skills. JCI partners with local schools for vocational skills training.

My son has learned so many life skills since first attending JCI. They're like a second family!
Mary Jones