Service Coordination for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

Summary of IDD Program

Mental Retardation, now known as IDD (Individuals with Developmental Disabilities) is a is a condition that occurs before age 18 in which a person’s intelligence and daily living skills are significantly below average. People with mental retardation often have difficulty living, working and playing in the community.

Services Provided:

Information & Referral
Assessment Services
Client & Family Support Services
Diagnostic & Evaluation Services
Service Coordination
Vocational Training & Employment Assistance
Community Living & Skills Training
Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)
Home & Community Support (HCS)
Texas Home Living (TxHmL)
Intake Process

Private Providers

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Providers active in the Center for Life Resources area – Brown Co., Coleman Co., McCulloch Co., San Saba Co., Mills Co., Comanche Co., and Eastland Co.

EduCare Community Living Corporation

Daybreak Residental Services, Inc.

D&S Residential Services, Inc.

DRACO Services, Inc.


All the Little Things that Count, LC

The Company of Rock House, Inc.

Making the first steps

Intake: Call for information, 1-325-305-8633  please note you must include the 1  when dialing , and an appointment will be scheduled if needed.
Assessment: Testing is done to see if a person is eligible for services.
Referral: Staff provides information about other services.
Placement: If needed, staff helps find group home placement in the community or in a state supported living center.

For more information regarding IDD services, call 1-325-305-8633 please note you must include the 1  when dialing